Hector Trader Forex Trading Course (3SMA Forex System) was developed by, you guessed it, Hector. A professional forex trader. He has put together a straightforward forex trading home study course aimed at beginning to intermediate forex traders. The system is trend based and momentum driven in nature. Hector is all business and passionate about teaching forex trading the correct way.

This forex trading course is hands on and by no means mechanical. There is no set and forget software involved like FAP Turbo or Forex Boomerang as you will actually be taught to read charts and react to what they are telling you. More importantly, you will learn when and why to trade a particular currency pair as well as when and why no to. So with that said, prepare yourself to put in some time and effort. This is far from the over hyped, make $2 million in a year type forex trading strategy. Hector Trader is a forex education that should serve you well.

Being able to spot trends in currency pairs is a hallmark of the 3SMA Forex System and is Chapter 1 of the Hector Trader course. The good news is, Hector will give you this all important first chapter video free of charge. This gives you a good opportunity to have a peek inside the course to determine whether or not it suits your needs. One word of warning, Hector speaks quickly and is sometimes hard to understand. After listening for a short while youll be able to keep up with him.

Hector also covers how to find and profit from brakeouts within a trend. Where and how to place stop loss and profit target points, as well as the all important money management rules. Also covered is the London open brakeout strategy that is similar to The London Forex Rush System. This is in essence an intra-day forex strategy that deals with the high trading volume and momentum created when the Tokyo forex session ends and the London forex session begins. Its well known that the first two hours of this session can be very profitable if you know when and where to look. In fact, there are many professional forex traders who specialize in this strategy alone.

Hector also includes a MetaTrader 4 custom indicator as a bonus. This indicator spots trends in different time slices and the Hector Trader course will teach you how to profit from it. You dont need MT4 to put the Hector Trader strategies to use, but will if you want the custom indicator to function. MT4 is a free download, so its not a big deal.

Is Hector Trader worth buying? Ive only touched on a few things in this forex training course. There is much more contained in the 8 chapters, 60+ videos that amount to 17 hours of instruction. In the training videos Hector uses live trades to illustrate the concepts being taught. So this isnt just theory, its practical application of his methods. Hector also includes a custom Excel spreadsheet that helps calculate money management as well as track your trades. Hes also included his top 10 forex profitability rules to keep you on track.

The 30 day money back guarantee should give you plenty of time to set up a demo account with a forex broker and begin to put your education to the test to see if Hector Trader is for you. Many have reported being able to consume the training over a weekend and begin to apply the strategies immediately. But make sure you test, test, test with the demo account before real trading funds are committed. Theres quite a lot to this forex home study course for not that much money and you wont find too many people out there as passionate and committed about teaching forex trading the correct way than Hector.