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November 8, 2020
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Information on Home Audio Receiver and its Multi Zone Feature

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A home audio receiver is a good enhancement for any entertainment system, as it amplifies and processes audio and video signals from the theater components. It is usually armed with a multitude of various features.

The multi zone capability is one known feature. Its function is to send a source signal to another audio system anywhere right from your very own receiver. As a result, users are able to watch DVD with surround sounds and at the same time, someone else can still listen to his audio player in another room. What is remarkable is that the multi zone capability enables the DVD and CD player to be connected to a single receiver that can still control the two but as different components.


Sometimes, audio only functions can be used with Multi-zone capabilities for the second zone, while the home audio receiver is using the audio and video features in the main room at the same time.

Video capabilities may be limited to composite video signals, which means that those components that are hooked to the home audio receiver using analog connections can be accessed in the second and third zones. However, high quality surround sound can only be used in the main room.

Some of the receiver's connections may actually permit you to access the full 7.1 channel in the main room, as well as the built-in speakers that amplify the other two zones. It is possible in this kind of set-up to shift between 7.1 channel to 5.1 channel zones using the main menu of the receiver.

How to Implement

One particular means of running the multi zone is through the activation of the receiver in the main room using the 5.1 channel mode. After, you can then , make use of the other two channels which are frequently utilized for the purpose of activating the second zone like that of back speakers.

Another way is to use a 7.1 channel home audio receiver. This can be operated in full channel mode in the main room, and then make use of an extra preamp line output to transmit the signals to another amplifier situated in a different room. This amplifier should be one that is bought separately from the main receiver and placed in a different area, where it can supply power to another set of speakers. The advantage of this set-up is that the 7.1 channels can be fully enjoyed in the main room, while still managing to access multi-zone capability to run a system in the second zone.

The third and last means for multi zone implementation can be achieved using superior home audio receiver models. With it is the ability to run a third zone. The second and third zones respectively are delivered signals through the preamp line output and must possess its very own amplifier. Furthermore, certain receivers are able to bring into play its own amplifier for the rest of the zones. A built in has the ability to run the second zone, but a new and different one is for the third zone. Unlike this option, 7.1-channel mode cannot be fully enjoyed in the main room at the same time.

All in all, it is a great convenience to be able to control the sounds in different rooms using the home audio receiver to access multi-zone capabilities.


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