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November 7, 2020
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Internet Marketing Strategies for Video Marketing and SEO

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According to the latest research, not only is online video the fastest growing media online, but is has now surpassed search as the most popular activity online. Online video views surpassed searches performed on the top 5 search engines, according to stats released by comScore and covered by ReelSEO in October 2008.

Because online video is so popular right now, it presents a unique opportunity for online marketers to leverage video content as an effective means for marketing brands, products, and services. Because online video marketing is in the nascent stages, there is much that is not well understood. For content producers as well as internet marketers, it is important to learn how to produce and publish video content in a way that users can easily discover your video content on the search engines. For this, one must learn and understand video search engine optimization, or SEO for video content.

In order to leverage the power of online video with search, one must first answer the question, "what is video SEO, or video search engine optimization?" Simply stated, it is the art and process of creating online video content in such a way that it is easily discovered and indexed by search engines. Doing this will help to drive maximum exposure to your video content. When we talk about video SEO, there are really 2 separate and distinct strategies for optimizing video online.

One strategy for video SEO is that which we call "Posted" video SEO. Essentially, this is when you optimize video content that is uploaded to video websites like Youtube and Yahoo. With "Posted" video SEO, the strategy is to generate as many views as possible for your videos. Uploading your video to these sites allows you to draw upon the massive audience of viewers that these sites already have. In addition, because these websites have a pre-existing authority and page rank with the search engines, this is an effective strategy to leverage these sites to obtain rankings within organic and universal search.

When optimizing video for "Posted" video SEO, it is crucial that you pay close attention to the keywords that you choose to include in the upload fields like tags, descriptions, titles, etc... It is also recommended that you utilize many of the tools and services available that allow you to automatically upload your video content to many video sharing websites at once. The main downfall with "posted" video SEO is that it is more difficult to get users back to your own website property.

If your goal is to generate traffic back to your website, then you may want optimize video content on your own website. The strategy of optimizing video content on your own website is commonly referred to as "hosted" video SEO, or website video SEO. Because universal search is growing across the major search engines, an opportunity exists for website owners to leverage video content to rank well within both video search engines as well as the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

With "hosted" video SEO, it is most important that you follow best practices in general for search engine optimization. Because search engines can not yet read within video content, it is important that you optimize the HTML pages that contain your video content much in the same way that you would with regular SEO. Although there are many detailed tips and techniques for "hosted" video SEO, most can be summed up with the following tips:

1) When including video on a web page, make certain that you populate the page with relevant on-page text.

2) Leverage the use of transcripts, descriptions, related links, meta tags, URL-structure, etc...

3) Keep your videos within a common directory and publish each video to a unique URL

4) Publish a video sitemap or MRSS feed to help guide the search engines to your video content.

5) Be sure to generate off-site links to your video pages by encouraging users to share and link to your videos.

Whatever strategy you utilize for optimizing your video content, ReelSEO has a ton of expert tips, guidelines, tutorials, and information for both "posted" and "hosted" video SEO. In addition, ReelSEO is the only website out there today that is 100% focused on video search engine optimization and online video marketing. If you want to learn about online video marketing, ReelSEO is the most authoritative source out there.

Take advantage of online video marketing and video SEO. Good luck to you and your efforts.


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