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June 5, 2020
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Best Uses For Your Digital Picture Frames

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Digital frames are one of the hotest new gadgets on the market, quickly gaining popularity with consumers who want to better leverage their digital pictures. Many people have likely received one of these as a gift and are trying to determine the best use for their new digital photo picture frame. Their are lots of options for these new LCD devices, probably some you haven't thought of before.

The most common use for digital photo frames is replacing your traditional static picture frames. In essence, consider your new digital frame a high tech, dynamic version of your older photo frames, specifically designed for the new generation of digital pictures. Photo frames in your living spaces, kitchen, bedroom, or any other room can now be replaced with a digital frame. Immediately, instead of displaying a single static picture all the time, your new digital frame will be able to display a whole series of pictures via a slideshow, and you'll be able to change the pictures in these frames with new ones simply by transferring them with a memory device. If you take a go on regular vacations, have children or grandchildren that are growing up, or take a lot of digital photos for any other reason, you now have a more practical way to display this constantly changing collection. Many people consider digital frames more like digital photo albums than a digital version of a single picture frame.

Digital photo displays also have another use in that they can display different types of media. If part of your collection of pictures includes slideshows with music, or videos, these can be loaded on digital frames as well. Now productions that in the past were mostly limited to display on your television, now have another medium in your home for playback. Digital frames in essence are smaller, more portable versions of large LCD displays used in TVs.

Since many digital photo frames now use wireless technology, using your new frame around the house is easier than ever. Sign up for a new service with Flickr and FrameChannel, and stream pictures from your Flickr albums directly to your frame, or even news, weather, and other information from RSS feeds via FrameChannel.

Another popular use for a new digital photo frame is in your office. Many people have limited desk and office space, and generally have many loved ones that deserve photo frame real estate on their desk. Digital frames immediate solve this problem by combining the single photos of many frames onto one. Again, since your office desk is generally where your computer is, strongly consider a wireless digital frame (such as the Kodak EASYSHARE W820 Wireless Digital Frame) for your office so you can easily change pictures often via bluetooth.

There no shame in gifting or 're-gifting' a digital frame, mainly because they are so easy to customize, so if you have a space digital picture frame, load it with pictures your friend or loved one will identify with and send it to them as a gift. They will be able to open your gift, turn it on, and immediately start enjoying photos you both can relate to. This and many other reasons are why digital photo frames are very popular gifts.

Finally, you should consider the uses of digital frames outside of the home and office. Businesses are putting digital photo frames to use in many highly productive ways. Some use digital frames in lobbys or reception areas for advertising, welcome, or information displays. Digital frames can also be used as displays for calendars or schedules for teams or conference rooms, or as bullentin boards, mainly by displaying any information that can saved from PowerPoint into a JPEG file. Service industries like restaurants, doctors offices, or stores use them for marketing, scheduling, or daily information sharing. Again, just as digital frames have become dynamic versions of tradition picture frames, they are also become more flexible versions of tradition static display devices in business.


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